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In wake of the Pandemic and Brexit, Welsh coastal towns are more in need of support than ever before. Lack of staffing, tourist footfall over 2020 and resources have left these places cut off and overwhelmed.



Years Of Experience

The Around Project's mission is to support and nurture the online presence of Coastal independent businesses.

How do we do this?

Not only do we provide a free platform for local businesses to gain exposure, quickly and easily, we're also committed to offering additional services such as design, web building, branding and app development.

Coastal commerce shouldn't be a Summer trend but a year-round opportunity. We want to bridge the gap, and connect customers with great local produce all year round.

Our mission

We are a digital platform that champions local heroes at a granular level. We want to provide a free platform that showcases small businesses in the best way, so they can focus on what they do best whilst knowing that The Around Project is representing their site whilst providing digital support and training.

The Around Project’s platform is free to use for visitors and offers a free listing service for businesses with additional enhanced chargeable services.

Chris Brookfield

CEO and Founder, The Around Project CIC

Digital Solutions

The Around Project understands client requirements. Lack of time, knowledge and resources can leave a business' web presence underdeveloped and limited.

We offer a web building, branding and marketing service through The Around Platform to ensure our clients meet the current digital standards necessary to ensure maximum impact with their customer base.


Using over 35 years of experience in digital design and marketing, we are dedicated to educating our clients to ensure they meet the minimum web standards for a successful online presence and business.

We achieve this by hosting virtual workshops and advising on best practise, with monthly check ins.


The Around Platform completely removes all barriers to entry from a technical perspective by having an online-ecommerce solution.

Each client will have access to the tools to run their own e-commerce shop, which, with our help can be utilised to negate the impact of seasonality and have you trading globally within minutes.


We are experts at quickly building an engaged and focussed audience. Using best SEO pracises combined with latest web technology, we have nurtured the audience visiting our current pilot site to 1m monthly users, which is still growing daily.

This gives local businesses access to a vast global customer base.

"The work that The Around Project are doing is exactly what small businesses need in wake of the Pandemic and Brexit.

With British holiday destinations like Tenby getting busier, ensuring a strong digital footprint has never been more crucial for success."


Simon Hart, Secretary of State for Wales


Brands that rave about us

Get on board and join The Around Project movement

We’re giving 150 small to medium sized businesses around Tenby, Saundersfoot and surrounding ares the opportunity to thrive online for less.


Fully hosted online solution

You will benefit from all of the technical elements of having a beautiful and sophisticated website managed by experts.


Exposure to new customers

You will have access to a global audience all year round, with the ability to target specific demographics that may not be captured in store.


Ensuring you look your best

You will benefit from all of the technical elements oYour online store will be your business’ window to the world. Allow us to keep it nice and polished whilst showcasing your wares in the nicest way possible. Whether you offer services or products.f having a beautiful and sophisticated website managed by experts.